Being a top makeup artist is more than being simply great at makeup. Learning how to run your new business is critical to your success. SMA will assist you in building or updating your professional website, creating your business cards, invoices, and teach you interviewing skills, and the vernacular of the industry. In addition, we'll also teach you up to date state of the art marketing and "How to" manage your social media like Facebook and Instagram. This course is designed for makeup artists already in practice.

Studio Makeup Artistry will take attendees through a process that will secure not only a stronger business development strategy but create a more connected and engaged community within your business.  SMA will lead attendees on a journey of discovery, design and planning that will ensure their students alumni and faculty are connected in concrete and meaningful ways, leading to greater retention, reviews, recommendations and bookings.

Discussion topics will include:
- Branding and marketing techniques to elevate brand recognition and awareness
- Intensifying student and faculty pride and emotional connection to your business.
- Social media and its use as an authentic business driver
- Creating a powerful and vibrant community within your network
- Ensuring your business is seen as an ultimate authority in makeup education

You'll also receive SMA On-Line Business Course and is jam packed with 9 videos teaching you everything you'll need to know to start and maintain your new career as a Studio Makeup Artist. Go as fast or as slow as you want to.


SMA recommends following the video in order.

  1. Being an Entrepreneur 

  2. Goal Setting 

  3. Building the Right Portfolio and Website, and Business Cards

  4. Social Media

  5. Marketing

  6. Building the Perfect Kit

  7. Finding an Agent

  8. Studio Etiquette 

  9. Contracts

  • As an added bonus you'll recieve a copy of Chris Baglien's book "The Art of Being a Studio Makeup Artist"! 


Classroom Hours 16 hours (2 days)

Tuition  $999