SMA is unlike most makeup schools in that your head Instructor Chris Baglien has worked for over thirty years around the world and continues to this day. You'll also receive the same level makeup kit that Chris uses. You can even choose to go on a Travel Workshop. Giving you first hand experience working on location as well as learning the nuances of traveling for work.


It is important to understand that each career has its own values depending upon the lifestyle you want to live. You have to absolutely LOVE what you do, as it may seem glamorous on the outside, it is hard work and you MUST be passionate both with the art and the business side of it. The hours involved for Movies and Print are long, it is not easy work, but for those that are determined, the rewards are tremendous. 


As a Studio Makeup Artist, there are several "directions" you can take depending upon what kind of professional makeup artist you want to become. It is wise to start in some of these options, get more hands on experience until you decide where your passion is and where your talents fit the most. Be open minded and learn from whomever you can and in any situation that may present itself, such as, established makeup artists, and photographers.


Exploring Career Options

Some of these options may give you a consistent paycheck while building your portfolio or reel, and giving you more hands on experience you need to advance in the industry. 

Department Store Makeup Artist: This is a perfect way to get experience. Try to get a job with one of the "makeup artist: brands" such as MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. Rather than working for the actual department store, work to get an Interview with the "Makeup Artist Brands" to become one of their in store event Pro Artists. This may give you some steady income while providing you with some flexibility to build your portfolio and meet with photographers and production companies. This job can involve sales and is usually commission based.


Bridal Makeup Artist:  This type of makeup artistry involves doing consultations and pre wedding run throughs as well as wedding day makeup usually on location.


Media Production: Film, Television & Commercials: A makeup artist wanting to work in any of these mediums will need to acquire a minimum of 600 working set hours to apply for the Local Union in your area. The Media area is by far the most complex career path in makeup artistry. It is very large area that offers many choices and requires a Union Membership for most film and TV. There are some non-union films and commercial jobs available that you can work to meet the union hour requirements. Shooting a film can take weeks or months or even years, as with a regular TV show would provide a weekly shooting schedule. Makeup Artist works with actors, producers and directors.


Print Makeup Artist: A print makeup artist will work with models and photographers consisting of magazines, catalogs companies, fashion shows and editorials. Most of the editorial makeup artist jobs are booked thru representation from an agency and are shot in studios and on location. To work in editorial requires a strong portfolio, the better your book, the higher paying the job. Advertising and fashion will most always have an art director present that dictates the unique feel or look of the model for the shoot. 

Theatrical Makeup Artist: A theater makeup artist helps create characters with bold colors and working directly with the Director in creating characters that help in telling their story.

What are the school hours?


All classes are full-time and are held from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. 

Students are allotted a half hour for lunch and two 15-minute break during the day. 


How many students are in a class?


Class sizes vary depending on which course you're enrolled in. The Master Course is limited to 4-6 students per each course. The Pro Course is open up to 10 students, The Apprentice Master Course is limited to 1 student. One Day and Business Courses are designed for each individual and limited to 1 student.


What is the deadline to apply?


Studio Makeup Artistry offers start dates throughout the year and because of this there is no specific deadline to apply. Students are accepted on an individual basis. It is generally a good idea to submit your application well in advance of your intended start date, because we only accept 4-6 students per each course it is highly encouraged to submit your application asap to ensure the start date your are requesting. Tuition must be paid in full 30 days prior to selected start date. 

What is the success rate of your graduates?


Success is based upon each students commitment and dedication. 


Is an interview, portfolio or previous makeup experience required for acceptance?

You are required to attend an interview to make sure SMA is right for you. This provides valuable time to discuss your goals and ambitions with Studio Makeup Artistry, and to ask questions and receive full details to make sure SMA is best suited to you.

No previous makeup experience is required other than a passion for makeup and wanting to pursue your dream as a

Studio Makeup Artist.

You do not have to have a portfolio in order to apply. 


Is financial assistance available?


We offer Paypal Credit, No Interest if paid in full within 6 months

What does the student kit cover?


When you enroll in SMA MASTER COURSE you will receive your very own professional makeup kit. Your kit contains all of the products and tools needed to complete our eight week course and continue to use to begin your new career as a S.M.A.  Our student kits are complete with high quality makeup brands and tools and reflect the most current products used in the industry. Student kits are provided on the first day of classes.

A complete list of all equipment will be provided to you once your begin your application process.

SMA is NOT a Cosmetology School