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Our SMA Master Course is for the person looking to enter into the exciting world of becoming a professional studio makeup artist. What sets us apart from other makeup schools is our founder, Chris Baglien. Chris has worked around the world for top fashion magazines such as ELLE, Vogue, and Playboy to name a few. He has also worked with Movie Star John Travolta and other celebrities over his thirty plus years in the industry. Chris continues to still work around the world giving his students first hand experience as each student will assist Chris learning "Set Etiquette." Another reason to attend Studio Makeup Artistry is our student kits. Unlike other schools that provide you with equipment that is "good enough," we give you the same makeup and hair kit that Chris uses today, setting you apart from the rest and looking like a real Pro! You'll also travel to a top fashion city with our Travel Workshop, designed to build exceptional imagery and to learn, first hand the nuances and tricks of location shooting. Our extensive course will cover everything you'll need to become a top studio makeup artist, from makeup artistry to running your own business. With a focus on preparing students to work in the exciting and fast-paced world of freelance fashion and commercial makeup industry. Our SMA Master Course is designed to educate students about the global fashion, commercial, television, and celebrity makeup industry. The course culminates with the opportunity for students to create and photograph their own makeup and hair designs with two professional quality portfolio shoots.





Classroom Hours: 280 (7 Weeks) 

Portfolio Shoots: 2


Tuition $15,000 includes your Professional Makeup Kit


Weeks 1-3


We will teach you everything about makeup from analyzing the skin and face, to color theory and advanced application techniques in beauty, bridal, and editorial makeup. We will emphasize how to select and work with the right tools to achieve the desired look. Artists will be able to prepare models for fashion shows and photo shoots, prepare actors for film and television work including music videos and commercials.

Week 4


We will focus on studio hairstyling for the camera and or film and video. We will teach you how to prep the hair as well as learning styling tricks for the camera.

Week 5


We will turn our attention to teaching you to run your business as a studio makeup artist and hairstylist. We will assist you in building your professional website, creating your business cards, invoices, and teach you interviewing skills. In addition, we'll also teach you state of the art marketing and "How to" manage your social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Weeks 6


You will begin to build your portfolio consisting shooting your first Beauty-Cover shot. Working with a professional photographer and model.  You will learn the importance of building a strong team in collaborating together to achieve remarkable images for your portfolio.


Week 7

Your second photo shoot will be a fashion/catalog shoot. You will be doing the wardrobe stying as well to teach you that every thing in the shoot matters as well as giving you an appreciation for what a Wardrobe Stylists provides to the over all success of the image. 

As with your Beauty Shoot you will be provide a professional model and with with a Top Photographer.


At the end of our SMA Master Course you will have the tools and education needed to start your new career in Studio Makeup Artistry.  


All tools and equipment are included with our SMA Master Course.


Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from Studio Makeup Artistry.


Our SMA Master Course is limited to only 4 students per session.

2021 SMA Master Course Start Dates:
February 15th, April 19th and September 13th
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