Our Pro One Day Makeup Course can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether your looking for help in building your portfolio and marketing to advanced makeup techniques Studio Makeup Artistry's Pro One Day Makeup Class can meet your needs.


We customize each artists needs so that they may get exactly what they are looking for in getting their career to the next level.



APPRENTICE master course

Our Apprentice Master Course is for the person looking for a real unique learning experience and is a one on one course. Chris will travel to where ever you live in the USA. Same as his Master Course it's designed for you to enter into the exciting world of becoming a professional studio makeup artist.




We will assist you in building your professional website, creating your business cards, invoices, and teach you interviewing skills. In addition, we'll also teach you state of the art marketing and "How to" manage your social media like Facebook and Instagram.




We will teach you everything about makeup from analyzing the skin and face, to color theory and advanced application techniques in beauty, bridal, and editorial makeup. We will emphasize how to select and work with the right tools to achieve the desired look. Artists will be able to prepare models for fashion shows and photo shoots, prepare actors for film and television work including music videos and commercials.




Our SMA Master Course is for the person looking to enter into the exciting world of becoming a professional studio makeup artist. You'll travel to a top fashion city with our Travel Workshop, designed to build exceptional imagery and to learn, first hand the nuances and tricks of location shooting. SMA Master Course is designed to educate students about the global fashion, commercial, TV, and celebrity makeup industry. 



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