Master Apprentice Graduate


Master Apprentice Graduate

Cassidy F.

I have had the pleasure of being taught by one of the BEST instructors I could have ever asked for, Chris Baglien. Chris has been such an inspiration and motivation to myself and many other makeup artists. He has a way of connecting with each and every one of his students. His experience in the industry was fascinating to hear about and he always had the best feedback with my work. Even after completing his class we have continued to keep in touch, he is always there when I need advice or a professional critiquing .  Chris Baglien taught us more than just makeup, he taught us life lessons.


-Margie Kegney-MUA Grad

"I highly recommend Chris Baglien as not only a teacher but also as a mentor. I was in his very first class he ever taught. 

Chris has a number of strengths to offer all his students. From his skills as a talented makeup artist, to his knowledge and background in the industry. I am pleased to say he is a great inspiration to me and continues to be. I would recommend Chris and Studio Makeup Artistry to any student considering a career in the professional makeup industry." 

Jami Millerleile 
Professional Studio Makeup Artist -MUA Grad

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from the notably talented international hair and makeup artist, Chris Baglien. Learning from an artist who has experienced the industry first hand is something you cannot put a price on. This school has changed my course in life, there's no question about it. Chris introduced me to a career that is both practical, and a dream, I now know how to peruse and achieve exactly what I want to do. Being around creative, ambitious people has given me this new energy to make awesome things happen for myself. I highly recommend SMA to anyone who is serious about making a career out of a love of makeup.


Leah Twite-SMA Grad